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PubSub Topic

gtail will create a temporary subscription for a topic.

:warning: This is a temporary subscription and will be deleted when gtail exits and you need permissions to create subscriptions

$ gtail pubsub
You must specify a project ID using the -p flag or GCP_PROJECT_ID envvar.

  gtail pubsub [flags]

  pubsub, ps

  -h, --help                   help for pubsub
  -o, --output string          The output format json or a template string
      --tail-duration string   The duration to tail for (default "10m")
  -t, --topic string           The pubsub topic to tail

Global Flags:
  -d, --debug            Enable debug logging
  -p, --project string   The GCP project ID
  -r, --region string    The GCP region (default "us-central1")

The subscription that will be created by gtail will be named gtail-<topic>-<number> and will be deleted when gtail exits. The number is just the Unix ticks.

If you Ctrl-C gtail it will delete the subscription. If you kill -9 gtail it will not delete the subscription and you will need to clean up.

Tail PubSub Topic for a Duration

$ gtail pubsub -p my-project -t my-topic --tail-duration 1h

When passing a --tail-duration gtail will create a subscription and then delete it when the duration has passed. You can use sensible durations like 1h or 10m or 1h30m or 1h30m10s.

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